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The Cosmic Joker.

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  • 03/26/16--10:48: Close Inkcounters.


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  • 04/06/16--10:15: Spaceman.
  • New artwork finished a few days ago. I think it’s taken over a week to do. I just wondered what it would look like. And now I know! I think of these pictures as creative exercises, I love the chance to have to create something different, new space, every time and see ideas evolve. Hopefully […]

    thecosmicjokerOUTER SPACE midthecosmicjokerOUTER SPACE mid

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  • 04/07/16--11:19: Visions of Zep Tepi.
  • Finished this today. Measuring 382mm X 260mm on A3 paper, (200gsm). Called “Visions of Zep Tepi” it Looks forward and backward in time to a golden age.❤ Available.


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  • 05/05/16--06:54: Mini Moleskines.
  • I received these today in the post. 4 mini Moleskines! As close to ‘sexy stationary’ as it’s possible to get.❤


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  • 06/24/16--06:40: New Artwork.
  • I Finished this today. Measuring  256mm X 185mm on A4 (250gsm), extra smooth, Bristol board.❤ It started off as a platonic totem pole but I couldn’t leave it alone. So then it started feeling like I was drawing some exotic spaceship. And now the creative process is complete it looks like a pharaonic, platonic, Chewbacca. 😃

    thecosmicjoker01loSPACE-ICOSAHEDRON lothecosmicjoker01loSPACE-ICOSAHEDRON lo

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  • 07/10/16--00:56: Zep Tepi tower.
  • I guess this picture goes into the “Zep Tepi” series. An Ancient/futuristic megalithic highrise. Completed on July 1st 2016, drawn on 250 gsm extra smooth Bristol board.❤

    thecosmicjokerzep tepi tower2thecosmicjokerzep tepi tower2

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    🙂 Coming soon! This is what I’ve been quietly working on this year. So many people have asked me to do a colouring book for years and so this is for you! Although it’s not available until 17th November you can certainly pre-order a copy. Thankyou to everyone at Michael O’Mara books for their support.❤

    thecosmicjokerBOOK PROMO2thecosmicjokerBOOK PROMO2

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  • 09/02/16--12:04: Space.
  • 🙂 Recently finished this commission (for Gabrielle). Measuring 360mm X 240mm on A3 paper. Completed from July to August, this is what 100 hours of drawing space looks like!❤ Enjoyed every minute.


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  • 10/23/16--06:33: The Hatman…Updated.
  • I’ve been meaning to draw this exact picture for a couple of years now. Seeing how I am stuck in bed recuperating from an operation, I thought I would get it out of my head. Update: So I’ve finished the picture above, it was worthy of finishing. The black and white space spiralling around the…Read more The Hatman…Updated.

    hatmanthecosmicjokerhatman mid.jpghatmanthecosmicjokerhatman mid.jpg

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    Recently finished commission for Francisco. ‘Phi’ measuring 374mm X 230mm. Started in September 2016 and finished October 27 2016. The whole image is a golden rectangle. The main rectangle in the middle is also golden as are the two connecting rectangles at 12 o’clock and 6 oclock. I arranged the Fibonacci spiral the way it…Read more ‘Phi’ Francisco’s commission.


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  • 11/05/16--06:14: The A4 portfolio project.
  • This is an A4 portfolio of my artwork. This portfolio will include 33 numbered and signed prints and an original piece of artwork. This is the last picture (work in progress) for the portfolio and will be the original piece included. I didn’t make it for myself though, so I’m open to offers and suggestions…Read more The A4 portfolio project.

    thecosmicjokerseed of time 2.jpgthecosmicjokerseed of time 2.jpg

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  • 12/15/16--14:59: Galactic Art.
  •   Finished this last night. In my mind it’s a galaxy where every living, life giving Sun within it, is connected and conscious and able to communicate with one another at the speed of light just happy to warm any passing rock that should come their way.❤


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    These are some of the artworks I have produced so far from ‘The Golden Ratio Colouring Book’. When I was producing the images for the book (seems like a long time ago now) it was so hard not to start shading them in, so now I get to make some of my favourites shine!  …Read more Art created from ‘The Golden Ratio Colouring Book’


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  • 06/06/17--09:23: Hooray for Hexagons!
  • I have a new book out! “Hooray for Hexagons”. Including circles, cardioids, spirals, fractals, impossible objects, mandalas, tessellations, parabolic curves, and even our friends the hypotrochoids! Many thanks to Buster Books and Michael O’Mara Books for making it happen and making the final product something to behold! Please check out their websites and if you…Read more Hooray for Hexagons!


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  • 07/17/17--07:56: Encirclopedia.
  • Inspired by this plate which my mum had made to celebrate my birth, I was fascinated that you could include information in artwork. So when I realized I could draw I decided to evolve the idea a little and create some personalized artwork. These particular Encirclopedias deal with your place in this Universe and the…Read more Encirclopedia.

    thecosmicjokerENC 6 COSMIC 2015 hi300mm-encirclopedia0-closeha-encirclopediajb-encirclopediamaster3.jpgthecosmicjokerENC 6 COSMIC 2015 hi300mm-encirclopedia0-closeha-encirclopediajb-encirclopediamaster3.jpg

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  • 03/10/18--10:40: Shining brightly.
  • ” Shining brightly”. A tribute to Una Odonohue. Another mum lost but never forgotten. ❤ For Gene, Ann, Maise, Sharon, Karl, Eileen. The sacred geometry, the symbolism and the synchronicity are all there for those who can see it. Advertisements


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